We Will Add All There Is To Know About What We Are Doing !

Hi !

a good story starts with getting my head strait and thats inposible due to all frustrations at the moment…

so i try anyway

you can help us with small amounts of 100 euro you can also help us asking as little intrest posible but you also can provide us with work and pay us for the work we do or buy lego or other items we sell.

i can say what the total plan is but it is not so simple to tell basicly i like to set up a comunity with work fun and relaxing ways a better way of living and to give solutions to the world for all kinds of problems… great so how to explain some simple things it takes time and time is wasted enough so one thing what is a problem for me is to make you the reader see what i mean a picture show more then words.

anyway bottum line we need money want to help please do i like to borrow but it always ends up with trust a friend of mine always say it is not on your head that you can be trusted you can try to convince people but it always ends up in doubts so if you want to help out to get all done quiker then please do in the mean time we try to work and save to get it done.

we want to borrow the money needed how much we need depends on the risk you want to take the total plan cost about 1.5 miljon we dont expect that but in stages with paying back each stage it would be quiker intrest well that depends of your goodness max i am paying is 10% it would be helpfull if i can borrow against 5% intrest max it are all short term loans the risk well we have what you see on this webpage so the risk from my point of view always mine but most see it difrent.

our contact details are mentioned feel free to contact us for information